Part 2

Reflection 2


December 1st

We didn’t have school today so we visited two galleries: The Modern Art museum on Karla Black and the National Portrait Gallery on Thomas Ruff. These two galleries changed my perspective on the importance of curation. The first gallery by Karla Black related to our white space project. It helped me grasp the various ways of using “space” at a concept. The way she used the small space given, to express her interest in mark making inspired me. Additionally, the portrait museum was very interested for me as I have a deep interest in photography. I vividly remember the interactive photographs that were intentionally blurred which made me think of future ideas and inspirations. I want to create something with photography that is interactive, and something that I can receive a response from the participants.

November 28th

Today we looked into the methods of creating a storyboard. The first half of the day we were lectured about the various types of techniques that we can use when drawing a storyboard. What I liked about this lecture was the resourceful tutor, and the fact that we actually got a chance to create many boards for our future project. During the last half of the day, we got into different teams to go outside to sketch our surroundings based on a story we were given. This allowed me to participate in a group with people I have never talked to, and cooperate. This gave me an idea of how the atmosphere in this class was.


I learned the importance of planning ahead, and it felt like I was looking into a organised timeline for your project. As I feel like I am a good planner, this helped me enhance my knowledge and intentions of note-taking and planning. Without a storyboard or a mood board, the film would of went into directions where I was not planning it to go. Of course I think there is beauty to his concept of freedom, however in Fashion Communication, planning ahead is the key.

November 27th

I believe this day truly changed the way I look at music videos. We were shown various videos of human movement and the importance of them. One that emotionally attacked me and the one that I will always remember is the video by DV8 Physical Theatre called, “The Cost of Living “Believe” Dance”. It started off with small repetitive moments and sooner it grow into a dance. The dancer expressed no emotion in the beginning but soon expressed so much, to the point where I felt a special connection with him. Additionally, another video we watched called, “Zero Degrees” by Akram Khan Company was about people who synchronised a whole act. The way they performed this was very humanly yet robotic, and that interested me. Lastly the music video by Jamie xx called, “Gosh” was very inspirational. The way they managed they used the perfect location and the tools they used to film this motivated me to use various materials for this next project. The way they used the performers were mesmerising. After that class, I personally went to research further into this video, and watching the behind the scenes helped me realised the importance of organising planning before the actual shooting.


On the afternoon of this day, we attended a performing class, with Alexandra Green. There I learned the importance of begin able to be in the mood and fit into the character. I realised that doing this is vital when doing photo shoot. Being flexible to express emotion is important to capture what the photographer wants to express within one frame.

November 23rd

The 22nd was the shoot day, I thought this day was very productive and the way I was able to capture the model’s expression was an importance experience for me. That day was a day full of growing as a stylist and a photographer. I learned that the communication between the model and the photographer is very vital in these shoots. I was able to to talk to her without any hesitation, to do certain poses and facial expressions for me. I created 5 separate looks depending on the stages of adapting as an international student. It consisted of: loneliness, fitting in and rebellion, happiness and acceptance, freedom, and finally being proud of where you come from. The stages of publishing was very challenging for me as it was my first time producing such a high level magazine, where I controlled everything from planning, styling, designing and publishing.


Today, I brought in my finished publication, and we did a critique on them in the morning. The critique was a point of realisation of how high the level of commitment and technique this class was in. It was very high, and that motivated me and drove me to do harder. People understood my intention of this publication, which was a relief for me.


That afternoon, we were given the new brief of film and the moving body. During that presentation, films of the body moving. I found that dress the model wore very beautiful and the way it flowed as she moved along to the music was a moment were I thought I wanted to look further into how the body moves and how each the movement affects the muscles and bones. Later that day, I went to the library to look at a book called, “The Human and Animal Locomotion Photographs” which visually helped me multiple shots of how body movement with and without garments.

November 21st

Today was the day to develop and think of ideas of how to create out publication. From the morning presentation where Tim showed up different variations of the old publications students created. These really inspired me and amazed at how high level these publications were. They were all really amazing quality and the design templates they created out of nothing motivated me to create something as high quality as theirs. There was one publication where it looked like a small zine, created out of one large paper, and it involved some Japanese kanji characters. As I had an interest in the Japanese characters from before, I decided to base something on it as well. It helped me start off with a base.


I like to visually layout my ideas, and that afternoon, I went to go talk to Natsuki, who really helps me when I am stuck on what to do. She suggested me to work maybe on a Japanese model if I wanted to concentrate on the Japanese language and characters. There, I asked her to be my model. The reasons behind it was because I had known her for a while now and the relationship we had was very fun and I wanted to make my shoot a fun experience. Additionally, I previously did a shoot at around Temple station with her which I thought kind of acted as a test shoot day. I learned how to expressed her emotions and the way she modelled on that day. It was a perfect opportunity for me to shoot with her again.


After choosing which model I wanted to shoot with, I concentrated on the concept. I personally really thought about my feelings of being a Japanese student at CSM, and travelling all the way to London. These thoughts suddenly struck me and therefore I came up with the idea of creating a piece that visualised the thought process of moving and studying long term in a different country.

 November 20th

Today was the test shoot of a fashion styling, on the street project. I loved the atmosphere of people being and working busy. One thing I noticed while working in such environment is the working ethics of these fashion students. The open minded perspectives on what a clothing item can be opened my views on what fashion was. I asked Jiwon to mode for me, using the clothing items I brought to school. Since the clothing I own consists of a lot of colour, I unconsciously clothed him into colourful and feminine clothes. This made me rethink of what “feminine” and “masculine” clothing items were. What is the point go separating clothing categories by gender, when in the real world all genders can wear what ever they want to, and anything to express their thoughts and feelings?


With that in mind, I decided to focus on femininity on Jiwon. I like the facial expressions he was showing; a state of sadness and depression. I think that created a great mood for our shoot. I worked on 5 different looks for this project, and that really changed my mind of how hard and intense these people in the fashion industry works. Without having any interest in fashion, and jumping into a world of fashion communication, I loved the atmosphere and drive people held.


November 16th

Today was the first day of on the streets project. A professional art director came in to do a presentation. During that presentation, I developed an interest for art direction. As the fashion communication and photography groups were both together, there were a lot of focus on fashion styling and management. Listening to that, I got a better understanding of what art direction does and the importance of its role during shoots and films. Things that caught my attention was the magazine shots that she showed us. Magazines and outcomes from Boris Mikhailov really interested me as the photographs were so organic yet very thought provoking. It made me think of how children grow up in neighbourhoods that can give out a negative impact to their personalities and their future. Daido Moriyama taught my attention as well. The initial thought was that he was a Japanese photographer, however looking at his work, I was amazed by how he captured natural living shots of people in their daily life. But somehow I realised a layer of fake-ness and some sort of awkward feeling between the model and the photographer, and that interested me. Seeing the different ways people shot with old film cameras was interesting. I got to understand the history of cameras and photography at a deeper level today.


On the other hand, the way Studio Thomson - Astraea Paris SS16 captured and advertised their product interested me. The concept of working on a budget fascinates me. The placement and the usage of props is very well thought out. Specially the shapes which can be rebuilt and used again was interesting. I personally like to place shapes on the background of my sketches, I feel a strong connection and love towards these photographs. Learning the process of organising a photo shoot was very very interesting. It made me really want to experience a photoshoot, and the fact that I can do one for this project excited me already.


We went on a trip outside of Archway to test camera rules that we have to break. I loved this experimentation project because I got to, first of all break the unspoken rule of not blurring a photograph, or incorporating light flashes in the morning. This experiment opened me up to new perspectives in photography, and I learned to be more open about the various methods of capturing moments.



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